Drain cleaning technology has evolved significantly over the past few years, with the latest technology being the high-pressure water jet. This equipment offers minimal disruption, it is more environmentally friendly, more efficient and a more cost-effective solution for our customers.

In previous times, a drain cleaning service used to entail an electric eel, also known as a drain snake. While an electric eel was an effective tool for handling a blocked drain, there are 3 main reasons why we have moved away from it:

  • It is a dangerous piece of equipment, and the further away it travels, the harder it is to control.
  • It is very limited, and the average length of an electric eel is 20, which is not very long when you consider the length of some plumbing systems.
  • It is quite often the wrong size and doesn’t fit all pipes perfectly. The span of the spinning steel cables that clear the blockages is restricted and cannot expand to fit the diameter of the sewer drain perfectly. This results in the drain not being completely cleared and blockages being pushed further down the drain.
  • It is also quite damaging to your pipes, as the spinning steel cables can lack control and can spin, bang, and thrust into the pipes, resulting in damages.

Using a high-pressure water jet to clear a blocked drain is an easy process, and often the drain can be unblocked on the same day. Water is a powerful tool, and at the correct pressure it can cut through tree roots, grease and fat build-ups or any dirt, sand and so on. As part of our drain cleaning service, the water from the high-pressure water jet will not only clear the blockage, but also wash away dirt and debris from every inch of the pipe, leaving a sparkling inside surface behind.

Other benefits of using a high-pressure water jet for drain cleaning include:

  • Efficiency: a water jet is highly efficient, which means that drain cleaning can be completed in less than a quarter of the time it might take a drain snake to clear the same blocked drain section
  • Precision: A jetter can travel up to 60m inside your drains and still retain its precision
  • Thorough: A water jetter will span the diameter of drains or pipes ensuring a full wash down occurs and no blockages are left behind

As you can see, a high-pressure water jet is the most efficient and advanced technology on the market for cleaning blocked drains. However, it is also important to consider using a CCTV camera inspection at the same time at accurately locate the blockage and determine the cause or the size of the blockage.

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