Pipe relining has been a game-changer in the plumbing industry as it allows us to fix your blocked drains, with minimal disruption. Historically, excavation was the only choice if you had a broken underground pipe. This required jackhammering driveways, digging up gardens and lifting floorboards. With the latest relining technology, we can repair a stormwater or sewer drain quickly with little or no disturbance.

What is pipe relining?

Excavation and replacement of drains requires exposing the damaged section, fitting a custom length of pipe, back filling then performing remedial work including landscaping, tiling, and concreting.

Pipe relining is a technique that allows our plumbers to repair a damaged section of pipe without needing to physically dig them up and replace them.

Pipe Relining is similar to keyhole surgery, our technicians use the latest technology to reline your pipe from a nearby access point. A pipe is created within your pipe that seals out holes, cracks, and breaks in your sewer or stormwater drain.

The relined pipe is stronger than the original and comes with a 25-year warranty, subject to a free annual inspection.

The steps we take before pipe relining

Before performing a drain reline, we need to identify the initial issue. This usually presents itself as a blocked drain or signs of a blocked drain. Here are the steps we take to diagnose the problem and determine if pipe relining is required:

  1. Use a CCTV drain camera to assess the blocked drain – this will also help us clearly identify what is causing the blockage
  2. Clear the blocked drain with a high-pressure water jet
  3. Reassess the broken pipe with the CCTV drain camera – now that the drain is clear of blockages, we reassess to identify any structural damage that may have caused the blockage or occurred while the drain was blocked.
  4. Diagnose the plumbing issues – with a visual explanation of what is causing your plumbing problems, we can now set a clear plan of attack.

What kinds of drainpipes can we reline?

We have years of pipe relining experience, so we know exactly what’s required for any type of pipe, drain or sewer repair.  We frequently reline terracotta, concrete, PVC and cast-iron pipes that are used in Sydney homes.

Will drain relining cause a lot of disruption?

With pipe relining, disturbance is minimised – we can repair your drainage system better than new without digging up paths, driveways, and buildings.

We make it a priority to cause as little mess and disruption with every job we do. If we’re working inside your property, we always put down mats and wear shoe protectors to avoid making a mess on your floors.

We also have all the latest technology and techniques at our disposal. This means we can find ways to complete even the most complicated jobs without causing too much disturbance. In many cases, we can complete sewer relining jobs without needing to dig up your patio, backyard, or driveway. This saves you money and inconvenience as remedial work is minimised.


To find out more about drain relining or to book in one of our plumbers to visit your home, call Omega Services on 1300 674 797.

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