It can be extremely easy to forget the dangers that come with electricity, seeing as we rely on it for most hours of the day. Problems can begin to arise when electrical appliances are not properly taken care of which puts you at risk of a dangerous and costly electrical emergency. Fault wiring, out dated and poorly-functioning electrical appliances are the main cause for an electrical emergency.


The most common cause of an electrical emergency:

Electric shocks

Our bodies conduct electricity and electricity can easily flow throughout if subject to an electric shock. Electric shocks will range in seriousness and can either result in small burns to the skin or heart interference and damage, which can result in causing the heart to stop. You should always be examined after an electric shock. 


  • Result of nature e.g lightning strike or extreme weather affecting power lines 
  • Frayed cords 
  • Poor household wiring 
  • Frayed cords 
  • Appliances being close to water 



  1. Never touch anyone that is suspect to an electric shock 
  2. Turn off the power supply as quick as possible, specially if you need to separate the victim from its source
  3. Call an ambulance


Electrical fires 

Electrical fires are at high risk when you don’t take care of your elicicity appliances and system. Often the main cause for electrical fires is appliance and outlets, which with age will wear and tear, exposing heat and putting you and your home at risk 


Other contributors are: 

  • Overloading your circuits 
  • Portable heaters 
  • Cheap/knock-off appliance chargers 
  • lights 


What to do if there is an electrical emergency:

  1. Don’t use water, this could result in possible electrocution 
  2. Put the flames out with a fire extinguisher 
  3. If you can see smoke coming from any appliances, outlets or wiring, make sure to turn them off and turn off the main switch in your fuse box 
  4. Contact emergency services as quick as possible if they fire can’t be contained


Although an electrical emergency is sometimes unavoidable, it is still important to be on guard when it comes to electricity. Ensure you book regular routine inspections to maintain the safety in your home.