Could you be putting your family home at risk? You may be putting yourself and family in danger if you complete the wrong DIY project without the aid of a professional.

There are many laws in Australia defining what you can and cannot mess around with when it comes to the electrical wiring in your home. Australian laws regarding what DIYers can and cannot do are a lot stricter than in many other countries. Here is a quick guide on the relevant laws surround electrical installations.

Most states in Australia require homeowners to obtains a certificate from a qualified tradesman for any electrical work carried out. This covers the homeowner for any defective work that may be discovered at a later date. Large fines may apply and insurance companies often won’t pay if the work is done illegally.

DIY electrical work cannot be retrospectively certified. It doesn’t matter if it’s 100% compliant and checked by a qualified tradesman.

NSW Fair Trading define electrical work as “the manufacturing, constructing, installing, testing, maintaining, repairing, altering, removing or replacing of any electrical equipment.” They then go on to state: “An electrical license is required before any electrical wiring work can be undertaken in NSW, regardless of the cost of the work and regardless of whether the work is residential, commercial or industrial.”

What does this mean you can do?

Almost any electrical work beyond changing a light bulb in NSW is illegal unless you are a trained and qualified electrician.

If you are unsure if the work you wish to do requires a professional or is something you can do yourself, call Omega today. Our team of customer service representatives are ready to answer your questions.