Moving to a new home? When you buy a home, you buy its problems. Keep your home and investment in good condition.

It is recommended you perform an electrical inspection of a property under four circumstances:

  1. Purchasing a new home
  2. A home is over 40 years
  3. The addition of an appliance
  4. Completion of a major renovation

Faulty electrical wiring and equipment causes tens of thousands of house fires every year. Legally, a qualified electrician must complete inspections and electrical work, but there are several aspects that you can inspect visually yourself.

  • The Fuse Box or Safety Switch Panel: This is one of the most important aspects of electrical safety in a home. This panel is commonly located on the outside of your home, in a garage or basement. Check for any signs of age, dark or smoky residue and wear and tear. Look for any round, outdated fuses as these should be replaced with safety switches. If there is any rust on the panel, it will have to be replaced.
  • Wet Area Power Points: Power points and light switches must be located at least 40cm away from sinks or out of the water spray from showers, baths and sinks. Make sure Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters are also installed in all bathrooms.
  • Power Points and Lighting: Outlets, switches, appliances and Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters need regular testing. Check for black smoke and make sure they are cool to the touch. Loose outlets need to be tightened or replaced. A licensed electrician will check for humming or switching sounds around lights and outlets.

Moving home? Or maybe you’ve just moved in? Find out more about Omega’s New Home Service – let us help ease your transition into a new home with inspections of your electrical systems and upgrades to get your home up to standard.

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