Do you have flickering lights or switches that don’t work? If you are currently experiencing problems with your electricity, it’s important to troubleshoot. Here are some common issues you might be experiencing.

Problem: The light bulb will not light

  1. Check the light bulb first as it may have burned out. In this case, replace the bulb
  2. Check to see if the bulb is tight in the socket
  3. Check the socket tab in the centre of the socket. You may have to pull up on it in order for it to make contact with the bulb.
  4. Check the connections at the switch are tight.
  5. Check the connections at the light and the breaker panel to be sure they are all connected tightly.

Problem: The light flickers

  1. If the light bulb flickers and you can hear a sizzling or crackling sound, it means the switch contacts are getting bad. In this case, replace the switch
  2. This could also mean that the connections on the switch, at the panel, of in the junction of the box of the light could be loose. Check all of these points and tighten if necessary. If the socket connection is loose, you will need to replace the light socket.

Problem: Light turns on and off by itself

  1. Check the size of the bulb in the socket and that the wattage doesn’t exceed the recommended wattage rating for the fixture (found on a tag on the fixture of socket)
  2. The limit switch turns the unit off when the temperature reaches an unsafe level and an excessive amount of heat could potentially cause a fire if the limit didn’t shut off the light.
  3. It is possible that the limit switch may need to be changed if the correct bulb is in place.

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