Like other machinery, you need to maintain your hot water system regularly so that you and your family aren’t left without hot water. Our technicians can service your hot water system quickly and with no fuss to make sure you get the maximum life span out of your hot water system.

How to maintain your hot water system

All types of hot water systems require some form of maintenance every once in a while to maintain effectiveness and longevity.

We recommend checking the temperature and pressure relief valve (TPR) every 6 months or with every plumbing maintenance visit. While such a procedure is possible to perform yourself, by pulling on the small lever on the side of your unit. If water comes out, you’re good! If it doesn’t, this is classified as an emergency. If pressure isn’t able to be released from this valve, you run the risk of the machine not knowing when the pressure has reached a critical level, and the pressure seeking other methods of release and will result in catastrophic and costly damage.

When to service your hot water system

Different manufacturers have different requirements for how often they’d like you to service your hot water unit to keep it performing at it’s optimum. It’s also handy to keep the servicing up to date to protect your warranty. As a rough guide, try to maintain regular maintenance by a licensed plumber for your unit:

  • Continuous flow – annually
  • Electric and gas storage – every five years
  • Solar – every five years
  • Heat pump – annually

If you would like more information or advice on maintaining your hot water system, call Omega today on 1300 637 797

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