It’s coming into Summer! The sun will be shining, the birds will be tweeting and the flowers and trees will be growing happily in the sunshine. That may sound fantastic to most but it is a good reminder that sometimes trees have an unhelpful knack of spreading their roots into home drainage systems.

Tree roots are naturally attracted to water. Your drain line is not only a great source of water, but also ripe in nutrients that tree roots love. Roots only need a small crevice to sneak into your drain line where they can grow, prosper, and cause big headaches. Root masses quickly become clogged with toilet tissue, grease and other debris flowing from your home to the main sewer, this results in reduced flow, slow running drains and in most cases a complete blockage which can cause other drains in your home to backup. This can often result in sewerage backing up and overflowing out of toilets or other drains into your home.

Digging up a trench and replacing blocked pipes can cost thousands of dollars, but a licensed and experienced plumbing technician can make fast work of a complicated drain disaster. This process often includes the use of a CCTV camera to inspect your drain pipes to find the cause of the blockage.

Blocked drains can easily become a huge and unnecessary hassle, check out the following tips to find out whether you could have drain issues:

  • Water is taking a long time to drain. If this is happening in a number of drains throughout the house, such as the toilet, sink, shower, bath etc. it may indicate a block in your main sewer line.
  • There is a gurgling sound when you flush the toilet or empty water from the basin, shower or bath.
  • Water levels within the toilet may be significantly lower than usual.
  • Foul smells coming from the sinks due to the trapped waste.
  • Sewerage overflowing from the outside gully and grates.

If you need complete peace of mind, why not call Omega today on 1300 674 797 and book in your closed circuit TV (CCTV) camera inspection.