Flexi-hoses are common fitting in most households. They are used to connect water to fixtures and will generally be found underneath your sinks, playing a huge role in reducing unnecessary stress on your pipes. Similar to most appliances in your home, flexi hoses should be properly maintained and checked regularly to avoid a burst flexi hose which can lead to heavy flooding.

There are a few things you can do to limit the chances of your flexi-hose bursting. Of course the most important thing to remember is maintenance is key and will be cheaper than any damage repair. A few other things to remember:

  • Buy quality flexi-hoses that are installed by licensed professionals
  • Always consult a plumber about any preventative maintenance along with regularly checking for damages or leaks that can naturally occur with flexible hoses over time
  • Switching off your main water supply when you go away for long periods of time can help relieve some pressure off your flexi-hoses
  • Installing mini stop valves on your water lines that have flexi-hose connections will allow for easy isolation in emergencies
  • Anywhere that household chemicals are kept near your flexible hoses ensure there’s a vent hole that will allow for ventilation along with ensuring you reduce chlorine and humidity levels.

Often the reason that a flexible hose bursts is due to the rubber tube expanding when there’s added pressure. The stainless-steel braid on the flexible hose is there to prevent expansion, however if it fails and ends up breaking, the water pressure will end up rupturing the sleeve and it will burst. It is always important to have a licensed plumber install your flexi-hose as often home DIY jobs are the main reason for weak and bursting hoses.

A burst flexi hose is capable of leaking 1500 litres of water per hour and are the culprits of 1 out of every 5 flooding claims for insurance companies, with damages reaching close to half a million. Damages from leaking or broken flexi-hoses are extremely costly, however can be completely prevented if regular maintenance is applied. Ensure to get in touch with one of our plumbers today to ensure you prevent any future water leaks from problematic or faulty flexi-hoses.