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Air Conditioning Installation Sydney

  • Having air conditioning problems?
  • Need an urgent air conditioner installation?
  • Call Omega Services, your air conditioner installation specialists Sydney!

Air conditioning has become an essential part of any Australian home or business, it helps you stay cool in summer and warm in winter. Omega Services supply and install leading brands including Rinnai, Fujitsu, Mitsubishi, Actron, Daikin, Carrier and Samsung so you can choose the model that looks right and meets your needs.

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Air Conditioning Installation Sydney

  • Having air conditioning problems?
  • Need an urgent air conditioner installation?
  • Call Omega Services, your air conditioner installation specialists Sydney!

Air conditioning has become an essential part of any Australian home or business, it helps you stay cool in summer and warm in winter. Omega Services supply and install leading brands including Rinnai, Fujitsu, Mitsubishi, Actron, Daikin, Carrier and Samsung so you can choose the model that looks right and meets your needs.

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Book Online and Save $50!*
What services are you looking for?

*$50 off applies to any quoted work. Not available in conjunction with any other offer.

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Lifetime Labour Guarantee

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Lifetime Labour Guarantee

Our workmanship is guaranteed for life. In the unlikely event of a problem, we’ll come and make it right at no charge!

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How do I choose which air conditioning system to install?

The easiest way to get a suitable air conditioner is to ask an air conditioning technician. There are many factors that influence the type of air conditioner you need including the size of the space, height of the ceiling, ‘heat load’ from people and items in a room, aspect and desired features. 

Size: Your first consideration is how much power do you need to cool your home or business. Air conditioner capacity is rated by BTU (British Thermal Unit) and power output in kilowatts. As smaller units are cheaper than bigger units, without suitable advice customers invariable pick a system that is too small. When undersized they don’t cool effectively and the compressor runs flat out, costing a fortune in electricity. A rough guide for air conditioning sizing is below:

  • 2.4kW to 3.5kW suits most bedrooms 10m2 to 20m2
  • 3.5kW to 5.6kW suits loungerooms 20m2 to 30m2
  • 5.6kW to 7kW suits open-plan layouts 30m2 to 45m2
  • 7kW to 9.4kw suits large open plan layouts 45m2 to 65m2

Hybrid gas ducted systems and gas fireplaces are a good way to supplement heating power.

Features: Features fall in two to main categories being air cleanliness and interconnectivity. If you smoke inside or have asthma consider models with HEPA filters, multi-stage purification and humidification control to improve internal air quality. Many customers are requesting wifi, mobile and smart home connectivity to Alexia or Google assistant. You can control their system from anywhere, set alerts, monitor your electricity and gas usage.

Efficiency: Air conditioners and heaters have a star rating on them, the more stars the better the efficiency. For units with cooling and heating functions, they will two separate star ratings. Generally, cheaper models will cost less initially but use more energy. If you plan to use your system regularly it may be worth considering a higher model or a hybrid system that is customised to your home and preferences.

Maintenance: The last major consideration is on-going maintenance, having a split system for each bedroom and the lounge room will be more maintenance than a ducted system. 4 Indoor air handlers, 4 filters and 4 compressors require more cost and maintenance than 1 ducted system. The upside of multiple units is if one system stops working, you can still cool the rest of the building with the 3 other units. Multiple or redundant systems should be considered if your business relies on good customer experience.

Types of air conditioning and heating systems

Portable system: With a low initial cost, portability, plug and play functionality these systems are a great option for renters. However, they are limited in power, aren’t suitable for large spaces and need someway to drain off water/condensate.

Window mounted system: Unless you are in a heritage area that doesn’t allow external condenser units, there are few reasons to choose this style of system.

Split system: These systems are by far the most popular option, they come in sizes that will service a small room to a large open plan lounge room. When considering placement for the indoor head unit we are looking for a position that allows for air circulation, is aesthetically pleasing and isn’t directly above a powerpoint. The outdoors unit would ideally be located in a close shady spot, that reduces noise impact to you and your neighbours.

Multi-head systems: Multi-split air conditioners have one outdoor condenser with multiple indoor heads. They don’t have ducts, are flexible in terms of installation and can run heads of different sizes. They are a popular option for tight installs in lounge/bedroom combos in houses, units & shops. All the placement consideration that apply to split systems apply to multi-head systems

Ducted air conditioning system: If you are likely to use more than one room at a time or want your whole home to be climate controlled a ducted system is a good choice. Areas can be zoned, insulated and monitored to ensure a low running cost and comfort all year round. Installation consideration includes aspect, access, airflow, zones, duct routing, fans and condenser placement.

Ducted gas system: Reverse cycle air conditioning is great, but if you have natural gas it is hard to beat. It has a powerful and cost-effectiveness of a ducted gas system. They burn the gas outside and pump warm air via zones and ducts. Either as a stand-alone ducted system or part of a hybrid ducted reverse cycle air conditioning system, the same installation consideration apply.

Gas fireplace: With 5 star efficiency, realistic-looking gas fireplaces are beautiful and effective. They can be used to heat up large spaces and work with well to supplement air conditioners in winter. They are also a good alternative to a ducted gas system. Gas fireplaces can be installed to suit any decor, as a statement piece they had appeal and value to your home.

Portable air conditioners versus installed air conditioner?

Portable conditioners are handy options for small rooms and temporary usage. However, they are no match for a professionally installed fixed position air conditioner.

Power: The maximum power on a portable unit is around 4.1 Kw, which is serviceable for an enclosed lounge room or master bedroom.  Given the all in one design, they need more power to get the same results. Higher rated portable units aren’t able to reach their maximum power unless you upgrading your electrical supply. All but the smallest installed air conditioners have a dedicated power circuit.  Being on on the same circuit as other appliances mean portable air conditioners easily tripped and overload breakers. Due to this electricity drawn, most people will only be able to run one unit at the time, making them impractical for larger spaces.

Running costs: In an installed system, the air handler is inside and the condenser coils are outside.  In summer heat is dumped outside whilst the inside air is cooled. The all in one design of a portable unit means the condenser coils are inside, which releases heat inside. Portable units use a fan to directs hot air outside, this lowers internal air pressure causing warm outside air to be drawn in through doors, cracks and openings. These two inherent inefficiencies mean that they are expensive to run.

Footprint & access: Portable systems need to be positioned where needed, require a powerpoint and a way to exhaust hot air outside.  Inevitably the requirements rarely coincide and you see people boarding holes in sliding doors with cardboard, running power cables everywhere or practically sit on them to get some relief. An installed air conditioning system is far more practical requiring no internal floor space or jerry-rigging.  Ducted air conditioning systems are the most discrete with the only visual impact inside being vents.

Noise: Since the compressor (motor) is in the room with you, portable systems are noisy.  This is really annoying if it is a hot night and you are trying to sleep. Split or ducted air conditioning systems locate the compressor outside, most quality systems having a whisper mode perfect for light sleepers.

Condensate: Most portable systems have a drip tray to catch condensate, which is water drawn from humid internal air.  If you forget to regularly empty the tray, your portable system will stop working. All installed air conditioning systems have a condensate drain, which directs moisture outside which is far more convenient.

Do you need a licensed air conditioning technician?

All split and ducted air conditioning systems will require a licensed air conditioning technician to complete the work.

Due to risk of personal injury and environmental damage only licensed air conditioner technicians are allowed to legally purchase, handle and use refrigerant. If your installer can’t show you a current refrigerant handling licence, don’t use them. Using the wrong or mixed waste refrigerant in your air conditioning system may work, but not for very long.

Being plumbers, electricians & air conditioning technicians we can provide an off the shelf air conditioning solution, or a custom solution with air exchangers, gas ducted heaters and fireplaces. For your peace of mind, all our installers are licensed, insured and have ARCTick approval.


Customer Reviews

The team at Omega were great, from the moment I called them they were able to help straight away and start the job the next day. Reece and Adam who did the job were very friendly always early and completed what they needed to do for the day always on time and have done a great job it all looks superb. They both worked extremely hard even on the hot days. Definitely recommend using Omega again for any plumbing and drainage needs.read more
Damon Brown
Damon B.
03:03 21 Feb 20
First Adam arrived promptly and strongly encouraged me to watch him jet the sewer line so I could understand any problems as to why sewerage overflowed outside and my house flooded with bath water. Understandably I was extremely anxious and upset with houseful of guests and toilets not working properly and the prospect of major work to pipes. Reassured by projects manager who had Stephen and Nick arrived within couple of hours. They were joined by Todd who all had the main area of concrete cut up quickly and left tidy for main pipe replacement the next day. Very courteous and the men mopped my garage floor clean before they left. Yes I recommend this crew.read more
Ann Buckman
Ann B.
08:45 18 Feb 20
Jordan C & Adam did the installation of our new hot water system. Was a bit tricky but they didn’t leave until the job was complete even though what was going in was a bigger size than what they were replacing, they needed carpentry skills too. Both men were very professional, friendly, hard working & turned up on time. Thank you Jordan & Adam!read more
Vicki Duggan
Vicki D.
07:35 14 Feb 20
They were pretty quick. Sent the assessor within two hours. Matt gave me quite few options to choose from. They are expensive. But the work was very good. Steve and Roma, two young guys, came sharp on the scheduled time and did a flawless job. They were dey friendly and courteous. Even if I spent a bomb, at the end I was happy. Thank you.read more
koustubh bandyopadhyay
koustubh B.
06:08 14 Feb 20
Three technicians came, Reid, Jordan and Billy. They arrived punctually, were very courteous, and did a fine job. In addition, they showed genuine concern about my circumstances. I can highly recommend Omega .
Joan Levi
Joan L.
22:15 11 Feb 20
I had several ceiling lights in my apartment replaced by Selim from Omega Services. He did a good job, and was very polite and helpful. Other people I dealt with from the company seemed efficient and helpful too, and they were able to come out to do the job within a couple of days at a time that suited me.read more
Lee Tomlinson
Lee T.
01:47 07 Feb 20
Reid was polite, friendly and knowledgeable. He had a look at the job and estimated how long it would take to clear the down pipes. The work was carried out neatly and efficiently and I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending this firm to friends.
Sue Connolly
Sue C.
01:01 31 Jan 20
From the moment I called Omega Home Services, Ryan was the first to come out, our water heater was leaking. Of course it has to be replaced. Being the long weekend, Ryan left his number in case water heater broke down further, and Ryan said Omega would put in a temporary water heater, well the heater broke down that same afternoon a temporary heater was installed.The service was prompt and efficient. By Tuesday new water heater installed. They left the place clean , took away the old water heater. I highly recommend Omega Home Services.read more
Cheryl Wood
Cheryl W.
05:40 28 Jan 20
I used Omega to move an air conditioning system in Dec19 and upgrade our touch control panel with new technology. I found their end to end service fantastic. Josh and Matt worked through blistering heat to get the job done. They were a pleasure to deal with and our system is working way more efficiently than it ever was. I would recommend them to all my family and friends.read more
Voula Laz
Voula L.
06:10 27 Jan 20
I’ve used Omega devices for over two years- as long as we’ve lived in Sydney. Their services are prompt, extremely efficient- their workers are polite & extremely competent & efficient. I’d recommend their services to all of my friends & family!
Dee Hilton
Dee H.
04:32 20 Jan 20
I tried Omega to fix a long standing intermittent issue with my air conditioning that another service company had on two consecutive years failed to identify, said there was nothing wrong and charged me a callout fee.Although Omega didn't fix it completely on the first attempt, they came back without question, and at no charge, and found the issue on the second attempt. Their customer service is friendly and the follow-up calls are great. I won't be using anyone else in the future.read more
John Heller
John H.
03:32 13 Jan 20
Sam our electrician was fast and thorough. Nothing was any trouble to him. He went over and beyond to help us out. He is a real asset to Omega. Professional service. Thank you Omega
sofia martini
sofia M.
05:05 27 Dec 19
Rapid hot water provided an excellent service for our new hot water system. It was half the price of other providers for the same quality product. The installation was done promptly and professionally. Highly recommended
Nic McInerney
Nic M.
00:06 17 Dec 19
Nathan, Steve ,Romer and two other gents did job efficiently. Very polite respectful to us and our property. Left everything clean tidy. Well done.
Priscilla Landini
Priscilla L.
00:15 02 Dec 19
Edward did an amazing job assisting my grandad with his electrical issues. We would highly recommend Edward and the company and we will definitely use them again.
Tanya Pendleton
Tanya P.
02:37 24 Nov 19
Joe the electrician was fantastic. Joe provided an excellent service. Joe was incredibly detailed and thorough in finding out what was causing our electrical outages and even showed me how his equipment worked to diagnose the problem with a faulty appliance. I would highly recommend Joe for any electrical work that you need to have completed.read more
John Schekeloff
John S.
00:20 08 Nov 19
I was extremely satisfied with Omegas fast and polite customer service as always. We had a lovely experienced tradesmen out by the name of Joel who attended a blocked kitchen sink.Advised me on what to do to prevent the problem from re occuring and also it didn’t break the bank which is a plus! Thank youread more
Luke Evangelidis
Luke E.
19:16 31 Oct 19
Joe, Rick and Sam were fantastic. They went above and beyond to work around challenges our house presented them with, and ensured they completed each job to the highest standard. I was kept up to date each step of the way and was left with a spotless house on completion. Thanks!
08:37 24 Oct 19
Cameron and Alex were on time, professional and very good to deal with. Excellent service.Best Cate
Cate Carrigan
Cate C.
02:37 15 Oct 19
We used Omega to inspect our drain due to blockage in the toilet. After the inspection, it was determined that our whole sewer line needed replacing. They started working next day. The guys from Omega (especially Romer, Steve and Josh) were always professional, polite, early to arrive and good at communicating what was happening during the process. We would recommend their services to anyone needing work done on their home.read more
Sayaka Diehm
Sayaka D.
08:34 08 Oct 19
Joe was just here to install our weather proof power point outside for us & he did such a great job! Very professional, personal and quick! Highly recommend.
Alice Rodgers
Alice R.
22:50 19 Sep 19
Great people to deal with. Matt and Ben particularly were very helpful in explaining the processes involved in the complex reclining process as were the labourers Steve and his mate. Each day the site was left clean and secure. All persons I dealt with from Omega were first class. I would have no hesitation in recommending Omega.read more
Gregg Levett
Gregg L.
22:14 01 Sep 19
Selim came to my home changed all the lights in my new home to perfection. I was concerned from previous experiences that it would not have been done to my satisfaction. Selim was amazing. I’m in construction and can say his work is flawless. He also checked other electrical concerns I had with the switch board. He fixed that also for me making me feel at ease.Will definitely use Omega again with Selim. Thank you.read more
Thaemes Skar
Thaemes S.
06:41 12 Jul 19
Nelson from Omega Services came and installed a brand new hot water system for us last week. The water heater delivered the first time was found to be faulty. Nelson and his colleague immediately got in touch with the company and quickly arranged for its replacement. The new one was delivered right next day. In the meantime, to make sure that we did not have to suffer a 24-hour waiting period without hot water running in the house during winter time, Nelson and his colleague installed us a temporary hot-water system. Then, Nelson returned the next day and installed the new system for us straight away, and also gave us some good tips on how to use and maintain the new system. Overall, we are very happy about the services provided by Nelson and by Omega Services. Highly recommended!read more
Julia Lin
Julia L.
04:02 12 Jul 19

Air Conditioning

Frequently Asked Questions

There comes a time in every air conditioning unit’s life when it starts to lose efficiency. Although it will continue to keep your property cool, you’ll notice your bills rising. Newer air conditioning systems are more energy-efficient. As a result, upgrading to one will help you save money on your monthly bills.

It’s often the case that big air conditioning problems start out as smaller ones that are easy to resolve. At Omega Services, we see regular maintenance services as your opportunity to catch small problems before they evolve into bigger ones. Over time, this translates to fewer costly repairs and an air conditioning system that lasts longer.

How often you need to change your unit’s filter varies between manufacturers. In a lot of cases, it’s once every three months. Changing your filter at the correct interval ensures your unit remains functional.

In some cases, fluid that leaks from your air conditioning unit is condensation. On other occasions, you may be dealing with coolant. If your coolant is leaking you may find that your heating and air conditioning unit becomes less efficient. The temperature could start to fluctuate and your bills will probably rise. By asking one of our air conditioning technicians to assess the problem, you can identify the cause and make your unit efficient again.

If your air conditioning system is blowing out air but it’s no longer cool, your inlet may be clogged. This is especially likely to be the case when your unit is old. We can unclog your inlet and make sure your unit runs smoothly in no time. If one area of your unit is sending out cool air and another isn’t, the problem may be with your duct-work instead.

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