A common problem in any household is a slow clearing drain, which if not treated in time can lead to problems such as gurgling and strange smells. This often means that there is a blockage that needs to be delt with, but what is causing these blockages in the first place? Here are 5 main reasons you may be experiencing a blocked drain

  1. Foreign objects or a build up of debris

The number 1 reason you will experience slow drainage or blockages is from a build up of debris or foreign objects intruding your pipes. There’s a multitude of reasons that may cause this kind of blockage, including food debris, hair, and other build-up of materials.


  1. Faulty or broken pipework

It is extremely common for your pipework to be faulty due to poor installation, often pipes are laid incorrectly or poorly which will eventually lead to blockages. Unfortunately, over time pipes will sustain damage often due to natural causes such as overflow of water or invasive tree roots .


  1. Mother nature

An obvious reason is that mother nature has taken her course and there’s heavy rain or flash flooding. During these periods your drains will experience a build up of leaves and soil and your storm pipes often can’t handle the copious amounts of water and debris, leading to blocked downpipes and storm water drains. It can be extremely beneficial to get regular maintenance on your drains and ensure they are clear of debris.


If you have any concerns regarding a slow clearing drain, contact omega today to have a trained professional fix the problem.