It is often difficult to pinpoint the problem related to your drains. When your drain begins to gurgle, it is related to air displacement, where air bubbles begin to force their way up as water flows down. When drains begin to gurgle, it is a telling sign that water is unable to flow freely, and a blockage is either present or forming. Although gurgling drains are often easy to regard as an insignificant problem, it is the first sign of a bigger problem and can lead to future issues. The accumulation of waste and residue will result in a complete blockage. Therefore, it is important to deal with a gurgling drain as soon as the problem arises. Possible causes for gurgling drain are:

A clogged drain line

Loud gurgling will often mean that your drain line is clogged, specially when multiple drains make sounds simultaneously. A drain line blockage will either be partial or completely blocked, and the blockages generally occur due to residue accumulation to a point where air is trapped in the pipe.

  • Partial blockage

Water will still be able to flow at a lower pressure and the air in the drain will cause a gurgling sound, a complete blockage can be prevented by cleaning the drain.

  • Complete blockage

If you have reached the point of a complete blockage it is time to call a plumber, there will generally be an accumulation of dirt, soap products, toilet paper and other residue that needs to be removed.


Main line blockage

The main line pipe plays a huge role in the way the drains in your home function, therefore, if there is an issue with the main, you’ll notice major problems with your pipes specially your toilets. Any issue related to your main line requires professional help to find the root of the problem.


A problem with your P-trap

Your P-trap plays a crucial role in your home as it prevents any foul odours and gases releasing through your drains. The P-trap will be located underneath your sinks, it is a U-shape pipe that holds water, creating a seal that will prevent bad smelling gasses. However, as soon as you start to notice any odd smells it generally means your P-trap is damaged. It is important to take note of any unusual odours if your drains begin to gurgle as it will mean your P-trap needs replacing.


Always think of a gurgling drain as a warning sign for future problems, it is the first indication that there is a problem with your drains. It is a good idea to regularly inspect your drains to prevent costly problems arising, contact us today to have a trained professional perform a routine inspection.