Are you having issues with leaking, broken or old pipes buried under your property?

Before you dig – did you know that there is a way to repair these pipes without digging up the old system? Why destroy your garden or pay a fortune digging through concrete when you can have the professionals at Omega perform a trenchless drain repair on your problem pipes?

Here at Omega, we use the latest technology:

  • First, the pipes are inspected via camera to assess the damage and see if a trenchless drain repair is the best option.
  • A high-pressure jet of water is pumped through the pipes to clean out waste, blockages, tree roots, or anything else that might be causing problems.
  • The pipes are then relined with a special epoxy resin, which is fully sealed and has the strength of a brand new pipe.
  • One last look with the camera to ensure your newly lined pipes are fully functional and secure.
  • Your pipes are now ready to use again!

Our trenchless drain repairs takes the stress and the costs out of your plumbing problems. If we still haven’t convinced you, here are more benefits:

  • Installation is more time efficient as your landscape doesn’t have to be dug up and then filled in again
  • Relined pipes restore structural integrity, are resistant to tree roots, and keep your water flowing
  • Relined pipes don’t require servicing again for an average minimum of 50 years.
  • With Omega the trenchless process is warranted for as long as you own the home

Find out more about trenchless drain repairs or book in one of our professionals to visit your home to fix your problem pipes today on 1300 674 797.