Everybody feels the heat of the sun during an Australian summer, but not everybody feels the satisfaction of free, renewable energy that it also brings. Do you?

Sunny Australia is the ideal climate for using Solar Power, and more Australians are starting to take advantage of the many benefits it brings.

  • Solar can be used to heat your water, or power your entire household.
  • Electricity prices are rising for Australians every year. There has never been a better time than now to switch over to solar and see your electricity bills drop.
  • Your household starts feeling the benefits of solar power the moment it is installed.
  • Solar is better for the environment as it is a green, renewable energy source that doesn’t produce greenhouse gasses. It feels good to give back to the environment.
  • The process is quiet and safe for you and your family.

How can you enjoy solar power in your home? It’s easier than you think!

  • Solar panels are installed onto the roof of your home or business. At Omega, our professionals will assess for you if your home is suited for solar power, and if so where the best place for the solar panels would be.
  • The solar panels absorb the energy from the Sun and send DC power to an inverter.
  • The DC power is inverted to AC power which is used to power your home.

For some Australians it isn’t possible to install solar panels to provide energy for the entire household, but have you considered a solar powered system for your hot water? On average, the energy usage and greenhouse gas emissions of the water heater in most households are much higher than any other appliance. By just upgrading your hot water to solar you could see a big difference in your bills, especially when Winter comes and the whole family loves taking hot showers and baths!

At Omega we make switching to solar easy. Speak to one of our highly trained professionals today to get started on using solar in your home. Give us a call on 1300 674 797.