The mainstream way to clear a drain is constantly adapting, as technology advances so does our knowledge on how to properly clear your drains. There is often a debate on what is better: electric eel vs water jetter. Although electric eels are comparatively low cost and still viewed as a popular option, a high-pressure water jet is the more versatile cleaning and clearing option.

Although both methods will ultimately get the job done, when it comes down to time, effectiveness and costs, the high pressure drain cleaner proves to be quicker, more effective and budget friendlier. To give you a better idea of how the pressure cleaner works, here are a few reasons we chose to use this form of drain clearage.

1. Highly effective

The high pressure drain cleaner uses an efficient and motorised drain-cleaning technology to blast a stream of high pressure water through a multi-outlet head that can clear obstacles in multiple directions. The jets have the ability to blast through thick blockages and remove all types of debris and build up.

2. Eco friendly and safe

There are no chemicals involved, making it environmentally friendly and wont damage the inside of your pipes unlike other chemical and mechanical cleaners. The absence of chemicals also makes for a safer wastewater disposable after use.

3. Versatile and long-lasting

Water jet cleaners are extremely effective for multiple different drainage systems including factories, office buildings and auto-mechanic shops as the hydro-jets can erase dirt and grime in a variety of different sources. The hydro water jet also works to prevent problems in the future as the intensity of the water blast restricts future debris build up, protecting your pipes from further damage.

Here are a few instances when water jet cleaners act as your best option:

1. Soft drain blockages

Drainpipe conditions involving soft grease will benefit most from a water based tool such as the hyrdo-jetter as it ensure the blockage is fully removed instead of shifting it further down the pipe.

2. Residential or small commercial building systems

Often residential and light commercial drainage systems rely on different cleaning methods than municipal sewers. The jetting action will start from the higher end to the lower end of the system meaning cleaning will begin at the top rather than the bottom

3. Municipal sewer systems

When it comes to municipal sewer systems it is important to determine the direction of wastewater flow before work is done. Ideally, a professional job would require placing the jetting hose in a lower manhole and redirecting flow to a higher one. Essentially the high-intensity pressure will loosen the buildup and carry the debris away. It can also be extremely useful to incorporate a hose guard into the cleaning process to protect against sharp edges in the sewer line.

Overall, water jet cleaners are more beneficial for the common drainage problems, as they save time, energy, money and the more environmentally friendly option. It is always important to consult with a trained professional as they will make a more informed decision regarding tools for proper cleaning.

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