With the temperature dropping the last week, it is safe to say a cold winter may be on the way. We have put together 5 useful tips to keep you and your family warm this winter.


Utilise the sun 

Make use of the sun when it is out, this can be done by keeping your blinds up or leaving the curtains open to allow for the sun to shine through. Heating up your windows will pass through and ultimately work to warm up your home during the day. 


Heat blocking 

It can be extremely easy to accidentally block heat from a room heater, such as placing a couch in front of it. The couch will just end up absorbing most of the heat instead of allowing it to spread around the room. The same thing will happen when trying to dry clothes near the heater or strategically placing it near any furniture. 


Rug up your home  

Quite literally, rug up. Adding a rug to a room will add an extra layer of warmth, especially between the cold floor and your feet. Door snakes and weather strips can also make a huge difference and limit the cool air that enters a room. 


Reverse it

You may not be aware that your ceiling fan can actually be put in reverse! There is a switch located on every fan that will reverse the spin and become very handy during the cooler periods.  


Get a winter check up 

Regular services are extremely important, especially in winter when we are relying on room heaters and hot water heaters. Getting a service each year will ensure that the system is operating how it should, keeping you and your family safe. Services will also increase the lifespan of the unit.