Your stormwater drainage system is designed to protect your property during these extreme weather conditions, acting as a vital element of your plumbing. The main idea of the drain system is to manage rainfall and protect your home and family and play a crucial role to stop water damage or flooding. A blocked stormwater drain requires immediate attention, as the chance of flooding during a storm significantly increases as the amount of water is uncontrolled and unpredictable.


What causes blocked stormwater drains 

Similar to sewer drains, stormwater drains experience similar blockages; such as debris, dirt, build up of leaves etc. 

Here are 3 main reasons your stormwater drain may be blocked. 

  • Poor Maintenance 

It is important to ensure that your water drainage is regularly maintained, this includes keeping gutter guards clear as build ups will eventually lead to clogged stormwater drains. Drain cleaning is extremely simple yet crucial to avoid drain blockage. 

  • The age of your plumbing 

Often the age of your plumbing plays a big part behind drain blockages, any sort of disruption to your plumbing system such as ground movement can cause problems to arise. 

  • Tree roots intruding your pipes 

Tree roots are often found around pipes as they are attracted to the condensation and water that forms around pipes. Tree roots invading pipes are common and fixable, pipe relining is the most permanent solution. 


How to Manage Stormwater Successfully 

Stormwater management and water runoff on your property is a big responsibility that needs to be maintained, as poorly managed stormwater systems can lead to damages such as: 

  • Flooding 
  • Erosion 
  • Construction and building problems 
  • Wet patches in yard 

Having a maintenance plan for your plumbing system can help reduce these issues. Here are some tips to help you protect your home. 

  • Having sufficient stormwater drainage: Ensure your system is designed to handle a large amount of water at once. Plumbing standards improve over time and it is important to keep up to speed. 
  • Well maintained stormwater system: Stormwater systems will only work efficiently if they are cleaned and maintained. 

Reuse Stormwater: A rainwater tank can be a great way to capture stormwater and reuse it to assist on your property. This can also reduce water bills and help stormwater drains during a downfall