There are many causes of power outages; bad weather, power surges, animals coming into contact with power lines, short circuits, grid system failures and more. Some are an easy fix but others may last for days! Knowing the cause of your blackout and being appropriately prepared is key:

Bad Weather – Approximately 70% of black outs are caused by bad weather. Rain, wind, lightening, ice and dust can all cause power to fail. If water snakes its way into your electrical circuits, wires or switchboards it can lead to damage to appliances and even short out the entire house. Humidity and excessive moisture can also result in damage to appliances and electrical circuitry. Strong winds or rain may also result in damage to power lines.

Short Circuits – Short circuits have many causes. They can occur when wiring insulation breaks down, electrical circuits are overloaded with appliances, inadequate circuit breakers are in use during power surges or an external conducting material, such as water, joins the circuit. If a short circuit is the cause of your blackout it is best to call out an electrical professional to make sure everything is kept up to scratch.

Blackout Emergency Kit:

Make sure in an emergency you have these supplies readily available. Putting together an emergency kit for use in a blackout could save you a lot unnecessary stress:

  • Bottles of water
  • Candles
  • Torch
  • Matches/Lighter
  • First Aid Kit

Hopefully, any blackout will only last for an hour or two. But if it turns into a few days, following these tips should help you weather the storm. If you are worried about your home or have been having frequent short circuits, call Omega today on 1300 637 797.