Your switchboard holds a range of important functions around your home, it is responsible for almost every electrical appliance in your home, including all your lights and the TV. However, for your switchboard to work it needs to be able to handle the electricity you are placing on it every day. As technology continues to advance, it leaves homes with the problem of becoming outdated especially when it comes to what their switchboards can handle. It is important to ensure that your switchboard is designed to be able to handle the load you are placing on it. 


What is a switchboard?

A switchboard works to direct the electrical current in and around your home, the main function is to redirect electricity from the power supply to a particular point of your house. This power is then used, for example, when you turn on a light, the power comes from the main supply to wherever you require it. The switchboard acts as the central hub that ensures electricity flows to where it is needed. 


Reasons for a switchboard upgrade: 

The number one reason you should consider upgrading your switchboard is for safety. Old switchboards can often be very dangerous, due to the continuous electrical overflow, which will cause issues around your home. If you are unsure whether you require a new switchboard, contact an electrician as they will advise you if it’s necessary. Other reasons include: 

  • New switchboards have safety switches built in which ultimately lowers fire and shock risks. 
  • Lowers the chance that your circuit breaker will constantly trip and are designed to cope with more electrical workloads 
  • Lessens the chance of an overload or a fuse blowing 
  • Solar power will require an upgraded switchboard to function appropriately 
  • Some of the older switchboards aren’t regulated 
  • The new smart meters will require newer switchboards 


Warning signs that it is time to upgrade

  • The age of your home: As your home ages so will your switchboard and it can be easy to forget when it was even installed. Have an electrician inspect to get a better understanding. 
    1. The age of the wiring in your home: often you’ll be able to tell the age of your wiring from the color. Gray or black will most likely indicate an upgrade and white will mean you have a bit of time before an upgrade 
  • Appliances short circuiting: When your switchboard is in constant overload, you’ll notice your appliances are tripping on a regular basis 
  1. Blown fuse: If you find fuses in your home are regularly blown, this could be a good indicator for a new switchboard 
  2. Hot powerpoints: Either your power points heat up or are a funny color can be a good indication you need to upgrade 
  3. Flickering lights: Flickering lights will either reveal a loose light bulk or loose wiring in the switchboard causing damage 
  4. Sparks, noises or shocks: these are all tell-tale signs that you will need a new switchboard and should get an electrician’s opinion. 

It is always a good idea to discuss with a trained professional if you have any concerns, and get professional help as soon as you start to notice any problems as damage may occur quite quickly.