Christmas holidays are meant to be full of friends, food, family and presents. Ensure you prepare your home against potential break ins before going away on this holiday season. We have compiled a list of handy tips to help keep your home safe this Christmas season:

  • Update outdoor lighting: A burglar is less likely to target a house that is well lit up and clearly visible. Make sure you get any defective outdoor lighting repaired and replace any burnt out globes. Installing movement-activated outdoor lighting before you leave will help deter a potential break-in.
  • Make your home look occupied: Little things, such as leaving shoes at the door, keeping lawns mown, gardens maintained and asking a close friends or relative to move and park cars in your driveway can go a long way to making your home look lived in.
  • Double check the locks: This may seem obvious, but it is better to be safe than sorry. Getting deadlocks installed on doors and windows will also help improve home security.
  • Don’t let the mail pile up: Leaving the mail and newspapers to build up while you are away is an obvious sign to someone that you aren’t around to pick it up. Before you leave, ask the post office to hold your mail and ask your newspaper delivery service to halt delivery.

If you would like complete peace of mind during the holiday season, why not call Omega today on 1300 637 797 to find out about security lighting in your home.