Between food being cooked, hands being washed, toilets being flushed, and more people in your home than usual, your plumbing is often put to the test during the holidays.

Before you welcome this increase of friends and family into your home this year, keep in mind it’s a good time to do some household plumbing preparation and, possibly, disaster prevention.

Potential Blockages:

If your pipes are a bit on the smelly side, or draining particularly slowly already, it’s best to call the professionals at Omega Services now to have a look at your pipes before your guests arrive and bring increased usage with them.

Prepare Ahead In The Kitchen:

Busy kitchens and extra bodies bring extra waste and some people’s disposal habits can result in your pipes being blocked with food waste. Oils, grease, gravies and small food items such as pips and skins can end up in your sink and eventually in the plumbing. Have paper towels handy and strainers over your sink holes to catch any extra debris.

Hot Water System Ready

How’s the flow in your bathrooms? Can your hot water system keep up with several extra bodies using hot water not only for showers but for washing dishes and running the washing machine as well? If you think your system might be a bit on the older side and will struggle with increased workload, call us today on 1300 674 797 and we will come and have a look at your system.

Can Your Plumbing Cope With Christmas?

To get your home ready for the festive season, have your plumbing pipes and gas lines checked now by Omega Services before the rush begins. For friendly, reliable service by a team of dedicated professionals, give us a call on 1300 674 797.

Christmas is a time for making good memories with your family and friends, not plumbing nightmares! We are dedicated to helping and supporting you and your family to keep your home working all year round. We are open over the festive season (excluding public holidays) for all your emergency plumbing needs.