30% of your home energy comes from your household appliances, so selecting the most energy efficient appliances can save you quite a lot of money. The Energy Rating Labeling scheme exists to help customers make educated comparisons of the different gas and electrical appliances.

Appliances covered by the energy rating labels include dishwashers, clothes dryers, fridges, freezers, washing machines, air conditioners, ducted heating, televisions, gas space heaters and gas water heaters.

There are two types of labels found on Australian appliances: the standard 6-star and the 10-star for more efficient appliances, which are rated 7 stars and higher. The rating system is out of a score of 10.

On the label you will find:

  1. The labels energy efficiency rating out of 10
  2. How much energy the device uses in a year

While interpreting the label there are a few things you should consider:

  1. The consumption figure on the label is an average level of usage; consider whether your personal usage will likely differ from the average.
  2. The star rating is best used to compare similar devices than as a stand alone figure
  3. Make sure you compare models of a similar size, volume and capacity

Regarding gas appliances, the Gas Energy Rating Label Scheme is voluntary meaning not all manufacturers use labels. As with the electrical labels, gas labels display a star rating for energy efficiency and annual energy consumption.

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