Do you hate the food scraps in your bin stinking up the kitchen? Are insects buzzing around your kitchen really bugging you? How about the mess rubbish makes dripping all over the floor when you take the trash out?

With InSinkErator, you can flush away your food scraps instead of putting them in the kitchen bin.

In many houses, our kitchen has become the ‘heart of the home’ – a hub of family life and entertaining guests. We all want our kitchen to be hygienic and efficient, and InSinkErator is the perfect addition to any modern kitchen. Having a quick and easy way to dispose of food scraps is ideal for any busy family or entertainer.

How does it work?

Using an InSinkErator is easy. All you have to do is turn on the tap and dispose of your food waste down the plug-hole. Food waste is ground up into tiny pieces by a grinding ring and then washed away. There are no dangerous blades or knives in InSinkErator, making them safer and quieter than other disposal systems!

Here are some of the great benefits of having an InSinkerator in your home:

  • Instantly flush away your foodscraps instead of leaving them in your kitchen bin is more hygienic, and getsrid of the smell.
  • Washing up during or after cooking has never been easier or more efficient. You no longer have to fusswith the mess of getting your kitchen scraps over to the bin – just wash it all down the sink.
  • InSkinkErator is the environmentally friendly way of disposing of your kitchen scraps, as food waste can be converted into renewable energy and the amount of waste that gets dumped into landfills is reduced.

So this Summer, don’t let the bin stink up the kitchen or give the insects a reason to invade your home, the professionals at Omega are here for you to assist you in installing or upgrading to an InSkinErator today. Give us a call on 1300 674 797 for more information.