Don’t sacrifice your comfort for a low energy bill during the hotter months!

Don’t spend a fortune on your electricity bill just to keep your home cool. There are many low-cost and eco-friendly alternatives to keep the temperature down during Summer WITHOUT the use of your Air Conditioner.


Here is what you can be doing:

  • Ceiling Fans – Ceiling Fans are one of the most common alternatives to an Air Conditioning System. They come in a range of sizes, so make sure to pick one big enough for the size of the room. Not only are they great for keeping a room cool in Summer by pulling the hot air up to the ceiling to circulate, they can push hot air down into a room during the colder months.
  • Window Shades – Choose window shades with a white lining to reflect as much heat and light as possible. While initially pricey, choosing energy efficient window treatments will leave you noticing an almost instant difference in temperature.
  • Using Your Garden – Planting trees around a house shades walls from the sun. If you don’t have the space to grow trees in your yard, potted trees work very effectively as well.
  • Cooling Creeper Vines – Climbing vines are fast growing, hardy plants that can lower the temperature of a wall by as much as 50% when fully matured. Alternatively a high trellis can work very effectively.
  • Awnings – Awnings provide shade for the outer layers of the walls of your home. They come in a range of styles, materials and colours.
  • Tinting Windows – Heat deflecting window film can be a cost effective alternative to window shades.
  • Plug The Air Leaks – Old damaged seals around doors and windows can let in drafts and the heat. A tube of sealant will fix most drafts.
  • Mind The Heat – Keep oven or stove use to a minimum. Use a clothesline or clothes horse as an alternative to a dryer. Switch incandescent bulbs for LED’s or fluorescent bulbs. Not only do they release less heat, they use a lot less energy.
  • Portable Cooling Devices – Fans combined with bottles of frozen water or water spray bottles. Provide you with a quick and efficient personal cooling system.

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