Damp can cause structural and aesthetic damage to your home! Make sure it’s not a plumbing issue causing your problems.

Dampness is caused by a range of reasons and it is better treating the source of the problem than just the symptom. We have a list of the common causes of damp in your home.

  1. Poor Drainage – Anywhere that the ground slopes, ineffective storm water drains close to the house and garden beds driving water under the house. Installing and maintaining storm water drains will help keep excess water away from the building. Make sure garden beds can drain well and away from the house.
  2. Falling Damp – Caused by leaking or blocked roof guttering or general debris build up on the roof. Falling damp is identified by wet patches in the soil and on the walls. Keep gutters cleared and repaired and roofs free of leaf litter.
  3. Horizontal Damp – When porous brick is hit by direct rain or obstructions cause the accumulation of water against a wall. Leaking water pipes in the walls or overflowing hot water systems can cause localised dampness in the walls. Keep pipes in good repair and make sure objects that can cause runoff are kept away from walls.
  4. Condensation Damp – Condensation dampness is caused by temperature fluctuations in the house, resulting in the growth of mold. Bad ventilation in rooms such as a laundry or bathroom also cause condensation damp. Installing exhaust fans in the right places can effectively stop condensation damp.
  5. Structural Faults and Poor Design – Building movement can cause cracks and movement in pipes, resulting in leaks and resulting damp. Badly chosen building materials also leave a home susceptible to damp. Get your pipes regularly inspected and keep an eye out for the signs of a wall leak.

Signs of Damp:

Surface stains on timber or wallpaper, lifting surface finishes, bubbling surfaces, fine salt crystallization on bricks and external surfaces.

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