Everyone wants their home to be the safe for their family. Old switchboards and re-wired fuses left unmaintained can be a serious fire hazard.

Our team at Omega services puts your safety first when it comes to maintaining and installing your electricity and switchboards. If you are considering installing a new switchboard, are upgrading to the lasted technology, or have concerns about your current one, call one of our friendly and professional team members to give you a hand.

When you think safely, think about the following:

1. Get it installed right, the first time. Don’t risk lives by having electrical work installed by someone who is unlicensed or by doing it yourself. Call Omega and have the peace of mind that the job will be taken care of by a fully insured, licensed electrician.

2. Extension leads and power boards are only a temporary solution. Installing permanent power points is always the safest option when powering your appliances.

3. If anything looks worn or damaged – don’t risk it. Throw out damaged items or have one of our team members come to you to make repairs. When was the last time you checked your system for any signs of damage or wear?

4. Have you got a RCD (or Residual Current Device) installed in your home? These devices save lives and we highly recommend that every home have one.

5. If you are having any problems with the powering your lights or appliances at your home there might be a problem with your switchboard. Our team members are confident they will be able to help with any electrical problems you may be experiencing.