For a home office to be organised, productive and comfortable it needs to well lit.

In the home, lighting colour is often considered a personal preference. However, artificial lighting and its impacts on productivity have been studied since its creation. Research has identified full spectrum lighting which mimics daylight (6500k) is best for mental performance, while warm white (2700K – 3500k) were found to be the most relaxing.

The main reason that offices are so well lit is to increase comfort and productivity, while your working. Computer screens put out a lot of light compared to its surroundings. Adding ambient light evens things out reducing eyestrain.

Desk lamps are good for a small area but can be harsh due to their intensity and glare. You want lighting over your work area and preferably from a light source outside your field of vision. Upgrading your room lighting from a single globe to multiple LEDs on a dimmer is the way to go. It cuts shadows, provides even illumination and gives you the option to adjust the intensity as needed.

Changing the colour and intensity of your light will help make your home office more comfortable. Best of all these lighting preferences can be automated for a set and forget, or controlled on-demand from your phone.

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