The obvious reasons for changes in your electricity bill is to do with the season and increases in people within your home, however there are a few other reasons behind your electricity bill sky rocketing. We have put together a list of the most common reasons why your experience changes in your electricity bill.

Supply charges

There are always going to be hidden charges that change over time, which you can review on your bill to gather an understanding of how they change. These charges are related to the delivery of your energy along with maintenance costs and the associated investment. Often these costs will differ dependent on different locations due to varying delivery costs.

An estimated bill

An estimated bill is common if you have a manual reader, or if the meter reader isn’t able to access the data correctly. You can check if you received an estimated bill by checking if it states “estimated reading” on your bill. You are also able to submit your own meter reading if you have a manual reader.

Hot water system

Don’t forget that your hot water system is included in your energy bill, meaning you may experience increases during winter when more hot water is used. You can reduce costs by limiting time spent using hot water in the shower or washing your clothes. Leaky water systems can also play a big role in an increase in electricity bills, be sure to repair any leaks or installing an energy efficient showerhead. It can be extremely beneficial to switch off your hot-water system when it is not in use.

Running old appliances

This is an extremely common reason for a spike in your electricity bill, often your old appliances are using double the amount of energy in comparison to newer appliances. Newer appliances can be up to 40-60% more energy efficient, saving you a fair chunk of money when the electricity bill comes around.