Electricity meters are designed to track your energy consumption, they will provide a reading of how much energy is used day to day. The reading you receive will depend on whether you have a smart meter or a manual reader, as smart meters provide more accurate and regular readings. If you find that your electricity meter is making noise, there are a few contributing factors:

  1. Electricity related noises

It is sometimes easy to forget that electricity makes noise, it is normal for your electricity meter to produce a hum or vibration. However, if the noise becomes a disturbance there may be a problem and you should contact an electrician to assess the noise.

  1. Faulty meter or meter malfunction

Any crackling noises may mean that the meter is faulty, poorly installed or there is a loose connection, you should call your service provider or a technician to fix the problem.

  1. Low battery

If you have a smart meter, the battery may be depleted, as they will begin to beep as soon as the battery reaches low. You can tell if the battery is low by simply charging it and if the beeping stops you know that was the issue. However, if the beeping continues you will need to troubleshoot the meter to locate the problem.

  1. Your set budget has been exceeded

Your smart meter will allow you to set a budget or daily usage allowance if you are looking to reduce energy consumption. You electricity meter will notify you with a beeping noise when this budget has been reached. You always have the option to increase the budget or disable the sound, your service provider should have given you a manual with instructions on how to do so, or you can contact an electrician to do so on your behalf.

  1. Weak internet connection

To have a smart meter you must also have a good internet connection to be able to send updates to your service provider. Your smart meter will make a noise when your internet is weak to alert you that it cant receive or send any data. Ensure your internet device is in close vicinity to the meter, or you can attempt to restart the device.