Have you been considering installing a gas-powered system?

Gas is available in most major cities, with piped gas available in rural and regional areas.

It’s the choice that is friendly fro both your wallet and the environment! It is a less expensive choice compared to other types of energy and emits fewer greenhouse gases.

There are two kinds of gas available:

1. Natural Gas aka “Mains Gas”

Connecting your system to natural gas involves running an inlet pipe from the gas in your street to a meter located on your property. This then connects the appliances in your home to natural gas.

2. LPG Gas aka Liquefied Petroleum Gas

Using LPG gas is an opion for those who do not has acess to piped natural gas. LPG comes in large cylinders that can be stored and swapped out at your home.

Is your gas system safe?

Gas can be deadly – it is colorless and odorless and can result in death in high does.

Don’t risk your family’s health or lives; get your gas system installed the right way by the professionals at Omega services. You can have peace of mind that highly trained professionals with the latest technology will install your system.

If you have been running a gas system and notice headaches, dizziness, nausea, chest pain or confusion you might be at risk. Call Omega today to book a member of our professional team come to you to inspect your system if you suspect it could be faulty to inspect and repair your system.

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