A hot shower on a winter’s day is the best way to defeat the cold, and there is nothing worse than when your hot water suddenly stops working. There are a few reasons this may happen, leaving you with no hot water when you need it the most. Here is a guide to all hot water problems, and why you may be experiencing a decline in your hot water system.


The most common water heater problems you’ll experience in winter are: 

  • Water leaks : A leaking tank will most likely require a hot water system replacement, it is always a good idea to regularly check your system for water leaks. 
  • Sediment and mineral build up: It is common for minerals and particles to enter water heaters when new water enters the tank. The accumulation may cause inefficiency. 
  • Frozen pipes: Overly exposed pipes may cause them to freeze and will be the main cause of cold water related issues. 
  • Broken, worn out or faulty parts: During winter your hot water system is working overtime which may cause parts to break or wear down. It is a good idea to get a professional to check your system regularly. 


The main problems you’ll experience in winter: 

Your hot water isn’t getting hot enough 

This is a common problem that many households face, it may be that your hot water takes a while to heat up or doesn’t stay hot for very long. The main reasons for this problem are: 

  • A defective thermostat or gas control valve 
  • Cold temperature where the hot water is located 
  • Uninsulated pipes 


There is no hot water 

There are a few common causes for this issue, the main being:

  • A broken heating element – A hot water plumber will check the resistance of your heating element by using a multimeter. If there is no resistance reading this will mean that it is time for an element replacement. 
  • The pilot light isnt on – This will most likely mean there is a defective thermocouple which should be checked every 4 years as part of regular maintenance. 


Not receiving an endless amount of water from tankless water heaters

This will either mean that there is a problem with the cold water flow coming from your instant hot water system or a defect in the gas supply. Both will require a licensed gas fitter to fix the issue.


Solar hot water heater problems 

Solar hot water heaters are a great way to save energy, however the solar energy needs to be maximised by doing the following: 

  • A gas or electric booster is available during a cloudy day 
  • Solar panels are regularly cleaned 
  • The installation of insulation to exposed pipes