Plumbing tips to prepare your home for Autumn

With Autumn well and truly upon us and winter right around the corner, there are a few important things you can do to protect your family and home from general problems that can occur around winter time. 

  1. Make sure your taps are all working properly, these include water inlets, spouts and handles. Ensure none of them are cracked or leaking as they can worsen and cause unnecessary damage especially in the colder seasons. 
  2. Ensure you keep on top of the trees on your property, trim them regularly. This will prevent fly away leaves making their way into your downpipes and guttering which will ultimately cause blockages. 
  3. Have an understand where your water main is located, this will be handy incase of emergencies 
  4. Seal off any exposed entry points around piping, often foreign objects will block these drainage systems. Waterproofing tape can be a big help with this. 
  5. Keep the front of your house free from leaves and debris to limit blockages. 
  6. It is important that you regularly inspect your hot water system for any leaks and check the overall efficiency, nothing worse than being left with no hot water in winter. 

Often failure to prepare your home for the temperature fluctuations and rainfall experienced during winter can cost homeowners a lot of money. The main idea is to examine your plumbing before the shift in weather and you are unable to do so, which will keep your mind at ease during the winter months. 


5 electrical tips to prepare your home for autumn

New batteries in your smoke detectors 

Smoke detectors play an important part in your home, helping you identify potential fires especially when you’re sleeping. Changing the batteries twice a year will increase the accuracy of your smoke detectors.

Check your outdoor outlets 

Make sure to test your outside outlets and invest in socket protectors to save them from damage during the winter.

Light testing 

It may be easier than you realize for your lights to burn out, which means it’s important to test them. If they are to burn out, call a licensed technician to assess the situation.

A Generator

Power outages are bound to happen with the unpredictable weather experienced during winter, a generator set will keep you comfortable during blackouts.

Energy Audits

Having an energy audit conducted by a trained professional to see if your appliances are up to date and energy-friendly.