Hot water systems use a device called a Sacrificial Anode to prevent corrosion of the metal.


Well let’s have a bit of fun with this as we go back to those dreaded high school chemistry lessons we all loved to hate…

So here goes: Chemistry 101

Replacing a sacrificial anode comes at a fraction of the cost of replacing a rusted Hot Water System, and can save you a lot of grief in the long run.

What is a sacrificial anode?
A sacrificial anode is a metal device used to combat the naturally occurring chemical reaction between water and metal, resulting in rust. It is installed in the hot water system, and can be replaced easily by a professional plumber.

How does it work?
Chemical reactions are happening all the time. A sacrificial anode is made of a material that has more reacting potential than the metal the hot water system is made of. The difference in potential means the anode will be corroded in preference to the metal.

This means, for the life of the anode, you should not see rust in your Hot Water System.

How long does it last?
On average, a sacrificial anode lasts 5 years.

How often should I replace it?
We would recommend getting the anode replaced every 3-5 years.

If you would like complete peace of mind knowing that you’ve got a few more years up your sleeve with your hot water system, please call Omega toll-free on 1300 674 797 and our friendly team will arrange for a professional technician to visit your home and help you choose the best option for you.