The chances of lead being present in your drinking water is higher than you may think. This is due to the high levels of lead found in your plumbing fittings throughout your home. Lead is a naturally occurring metal, making it extremely difficult to avoid completely, however anything with lead in it is deemed unsafe. It is particularly harmful for children, who absorb lead anywhere from 4-5 times as much as adults and it can be extremely harmful in their development.

The good news is that the problem isn’t directly with the drinking water, it is the taps and other plumbing fittings that can contain as much as 4.5% lead. This means that you can prevent and remove any presence of lead from your tap water, however it is important to know the warning signs of lead contamination in your tap water. The 3 key indicators are:

1. Old pipes or plumbing

If you are living in an older house, it is more likely that your pipes and plumbing may be outdated, and you are at higher risk of having lead present in your tap water. Brass taps and old plumbing are the main culprits of lead leaching into tap water. The key solution is to replace any brass or old plumbing with stainless steal instead, however if you are after a more cost-effective solution here are your options:

  • Try to not drink from the hot water tap as it is where lead is the most present due to metals dissolving from the hot water.
  • Let your water run for a couple minutes after being inactive for a while to ensure that all the water that was previously sitting inside your plumbing is flushed out. You can use the wasted water on your plants or other nondigestible related purposes.

2. How your water tastes

A key indicator is the taste of your water. If you experience a slightly metallic taste, it may mean that you have lead in your pipes. However, other metals could also contribute to the metallic taste.

3. Physical indictors

Another way to tell that you may be experiencing lead in you tap water is through unexplained headaches and muscle pain. If you do experience any unexplainable physical symptoms, it is important to get your water tested and see your doctor.

The best way to limit the risk of possible lead exposure from your tap water is through a water filter. It is extremely necessary if you have young children and infants that you are limiting the risk as much as possible. One way to remove unwanted toxins from your drinking water is by installing technology such as the GROHE swift which isolates the inner waterways and eliminates heavy metals and unwanted elements.

If you are looking to provide your family with the cleanest drinking water, speak to one of our licensed plumbers about installing a GROHE Swift Sink Mixer. Simply use the booking form below or call our friendly team on 1300 674 797.