posterEverybody knows that “prevention is better than a cure”, but have you heard the phrase “the plumber protects the health of the nation”?  This phrase was coined in the early 20th century by plumbers as a point of pride, a way of demonstrating the significance of their work. Plumbers often joke that they are more important than doctors because doctors focus on treating illnesses after it occurs, whereas plumbers can prevent them altogether.

You see, the humble plumber is Australia’s most underappreciated health worker. Their work can have serious health implications for society. Simply put, plumbing that meets the Australian Standards prevents; waterborne disease, lead poisoning, scalding, hazardous building damage, toxic gas exposure, asphyxia, flooding, mould and the list goes on. Sadly, plumbing that does not meet these standards has the opposite effect. At Omega Services, we pride ourselves on having the best plumbers in the business who meet and exceed the Australian Standards on every job.

In these uncertain times, Omega Services is implementing preventative measures to ease the burden on our valuable healthcare system. We take the phrase “the plumber protects the health of the nation” very seriously and practically. Therefore, all our staff have been provided appropriate equipment to combat the COVID-19 and are trained in preventative measures such as distancing, hand sanitisation and disinfection.

Whilst we are serving our valuable customers, we check their drainage to ensure their system is sealed and flowing. This is crucial for preventing waterborne diseases from escaping the sewer system and infecting home’s occupants.