It is handy having plenty of power points throughout a home. By limiting the use of extension cords and reducing the number of appliances simultaneously plugged in, you can prevent overloads and lower the risk of fires.

If in doubt, it is better to install more power points than not enough.

Installing extra power points when you are building works out cheaper than adding additional power points to an existing home. To add an additional power point a switchbox will need to hire a professional electrician to install additional circuit breakers and additional wiring.

If a room is going to need multiple appliances, there are “power track” solutions that allow the connection of an almost unlimited number of appliances along the length of the track.

Where should I install power points?

Bathrooms – Test electrical safety around a shower area by running the shower and testing the distance of the water spray. If water spray reaches an existing outlet then the outlet should be relocated.

Kitchen and Laundry – The distance electrical outlets must be located from a sink is dependent on how much water they can contain. Around a sink that holds less than 45L, outlets must have a space of at least 40cm above the sink and a space of 15cm on either side. Sinks that exceed 45L require additional spacing. Other switches and accessories require a space of 30cm around the sink.

Other factors to consider include –

  • Power points located near the floor should be 7.5 cm from the floor
  • Consider whether or not a fixture will be impeded by fixtures or fixed equipment.

How many power points should I install?

A single cable supplies the power points throughout your home. This circuit has limitations on how many power points it can supply. Your average three bedroom home should have in excess of 40 power points.

Can I install additional power points in my home?

If your home has already reached its maximum number of power points, you may have to install additional wiring and install a bigger circuit breaker. Your electrician will be able to advise you on the extent of the required electrical work.

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