Thought you saw something in your backyard? Ever find yourself wondering about strange noises? Rest easy with correctly installed motion detectors!

Motion detector lighting can help keep your fears, and potential burglars, at bay. It is affordable and relatively easy to install. Motion detectors use infrared waves to sense objects moving across its field of view and then turn on the light. Warmer objects, such as people, animals and cars, are particularly easy to pick up. They often have a sensor range of up to 240 degrees. The light can be preset to stay on between 1-20min. The lights deactivate during the daylight hours.

Styles of Motion Detector Lighting:

  • Flood Lights – The brightest and most common style of motion sensor lighting, though not always the most attractive.
  • Decorative Lights – There are a range of decorative sensor lights of varying prices.
  • Remote Sensors – If you can’t find an attractive style of sensor light for your property, remote sensors can be attached to a light fitting of your choice.

When choosing the locations of your sensor lights, there are many factors to consider:

  • Position sensor range over walkways to front doorways, back doorways and driveways.
  • Place over hazardous locations, such as stairs and pools, and patios and decks.
  • Position a sensor over entranceways to your property including gates and patio doors.
  • Organise the lighting so it can light up the trees and darkest corners of your yard.
  • Mount motion detectors and lights 6-10 feet above ground.

False “trips” triggered by blowing leaves or passing cars can drive you and your neighbours crazy. Do your best to minimize these by making sure the sensors are aimed correctly limiting their view. Often you will be able to adjust the sensing distance of the sensor. These lights can often be turned on and off manually as well.

For more advice on installing a sensor light, speak with our friendly team of customer service representatives today on 1300 674 797.