Test and Tag is the process of checking whether portable electrical appliances are safe for use. It involves two parts: visually inspecting and electrically testing with a portable appliance tester. This process can be performed both commercially in construction and demolition or in domestic settings which are more appliance and device orientated. The tags that are used during a test and tag are colour coded which signifies when they were last checked. This helps to easily identify appliances and equipment that need to be checked in the future. 

Why conduct a test and tag in your home? 

It is the easiest and most efficient way to minimise fires that are caused by electrical faults from devices and appliances. There is a range of different electrical appliances and devices within your home, of which can be tested and tagged to ensure they are safely working within your home. 

Examples of these devices are: 

  • Appliances in your kitchen such as your fridge, toaster, ovens, microwaves etc. 
  • Any Tvs, computers, gaming consoles 
  • Switchboards 
  • Clothes dries and washing machines 
  • Garage appliances and devices such as the garage electric door, drills, saws, etc.
  • Bathroom or laundry appliances: washing machine and dryer, hair dryers and curling wands etc. 


The biggest benefit of having a regular test and tag is that it lowers insurance rates specially for a business as it lowers the risks. Often insurance companies won’t cover businesses that don’t conduct regular tests and tags or will increase the fees.